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Tiki Time!

A fun-loving prankster, entertaining ballparks with his whimsical personality! Meme-ing and scheming his way into your fans hearts!

Washing in from the island of Boogie-TIKI. A pink, peppy dude with a tropical vibe. The freaky, cheeky Tiki is a fun loving, dancing creature that your fans-old & young- will adore! 

Tiki has performed in nearly 25 states across the US!

The "Tiki Time" show is a night your fans will not forget! Tiki transforms your ballpark into a tropical oasis! Full of laughs, pranks, signature skits, and PLENTY of dancing!

The "Tiki Time" show has 5 on field/ in stands skits between innings. As well as fan interaction during the ENTIRE game! 

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