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My names Conor Dowd, and I’m the founder of Boogie Bros Inc. A sports entertainment company who specializes in hilarious, authentic, in game shows. 


I grew up around professional sports. Most kids playgrounds had a slide, or a set of swings, mine was a ballpark. My dad had managed minor league baseball teams for most of my childhood. However it wasn’t the games that I remember most, but the hilarious traveling entertainment acts that would travel to our stadium year in and year out. At 7 years old, I decided that I was going to make my very own, character. With an old halloween baseball mask, a uniform, and an odd childhood obsession with Elvis. I had it- “Elvis Ball Head” my first show! Elvis Ball heads  security/side kick/ handler/little brother was just as important as the Ball head himself, and the 5 year old who held that duty was none other than Tristan Dowd-my brother Boogie Bro #2. That was the start of our traveling sports entertainment career, 20+ years ago. To be able to learn and performer with some the best sports entertainment companies/ and mascots in world we know a thing or 2 about putting on a show at your stadium! 

It doesn’t have to make sense. It just has to make you happy. And at three years old, I figured out what makes me happy. Entertaining the masses at sporting events!

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