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Entertaining Elders!

Are you looking for hilarious mid-inning entertainment for all ages? “The Entertaining Elders” two 75 year old brothers from your local Boogin senior center- Earnest and Earl decided to trade in their walkers in for the latest dance moves! They’ll two step and boogie, they’ll dab and twerk, Just sit back, relax and watch them go berserk! If you thought getting old means slowing down-They’re here to show you it’s the other way around! "The Funniest baseball show in the country."


With movie grade old man masks, performing a series of old and new dances as well as some pranks and antics, our half-time/mid inning show will be the talk of the night. Whether its “Senior Night” or that big rival game, The Entertaining Elders are the newest and best show in sports! 

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